Bohemian Intisaar – A small thought

Respect everyone’s uniqueness and experience a magical life with victory.


“there is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Each man has his own special drink which he orders at the counter; or simply we can say that every person has his or her own style of living, has his or her own pair of sunglasses. Even when one tries to change or adjust or try to try some other drink,  cent percent success is not possible. We tend to show that we are very honest, loyal or cooperative with our partner, this partner can be a business partner, life partner or even a temporary school project partner, John is at the end of the day John.  Then the question arises in my mind that why can’t we accept someone as he or she is ? why can’t we respect each other’s uniqueness, each other’s identity and each other’s reality and achieve intisaar(1)?

Just imagine once we are totally fine with everything. Serious about everything with a glimpse of calmness. Zest will be on our mind and motivation will be running in our blood. If we give time, patience and respect to the uniqueness of the other person and we try to understand his or her style sacrificing some time then life can be beautiful AF.

I work as an artist, a PR manager, a student, a head and a teacher. At the age of 21 I have had numerous experiences where I had to deal with people who had a completely different and unique ways of working. They were bohemian in their own world and were at the position where they could comfortably expect that the person at the visitor’s side of the desk would the one who will adjust. The only thing I learned was that we need to accept the other person’s reality and be happy about it. If we stay rigid and inflexible then it will be very difficult to survive in this world. No one is wrong, its just that your righteousness can be a little less right sometimes.

Life is beautiful. Give it a chance, a unique chance. RESPECT. LOVE. FORGIVE.



(1) Victory

A Day Trading Stir

The world is temporary .The incoming love of my life is a day trader(1). Never listens to me, unpredictable, does not stay long and always leaves a mark. This mark can be a scar or a soul hickey. This love can be anything; desire, affection, and even hatred. Being a little bias, I will say that every love is of the same type and even if there exists one tiny true love, he is destroyed or undervalued which leads to his slow death.

One should never rely on anyone for anything because you have no idea when that thing on which or the person on whom you are relying will disappear indifferently like a Kermit sipping tea. We value everything and prioritize each and every aspect of our life. This is human nature. But when this value shatters, the broken pieces of the soul’s mirror are no less than a nuclear bomb exploded inside our body! It pains when you are not treated the way you expected and the day ends, you predefine tomorrow as sorrowful. One simple rule: don’t ‘bro’ him if you don’t ‘know’ him, basically, don’t give unnecessary importance or an important place in your life to anyone. Be your own superhero and satisfy your needs with your superpowers.

Believe in reality. You need to create a win-win situation where you earn benefit from all the perspective. Be positive, hard as rock and as stubborn as a mule.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”.     – His holiness the Dalai Lama.

Don’t lose hope and love in life. I love my violin, he never betrays me, and sounds like honey if he is treated well. He is not a day trader. He has invested in me for a long time now and this investment is going to have a huge return value later in the circle of life. I am quite sure. May the shares of your life touch cloud nine. Peace.



  1. Day trader:  Strictly, day trading is trading only within a day, irrespective of the profit and loss. Any entity which practices day trading is a day trader.

Not Long Ago

The Last Day


One is strong, a child now grown
The other weak, a parent aged

The strong once feeble
The weak once mighty

Time, the infinity
has marked them…”
― Muse, Enigmatic Evolution

When I entered my school campus, there were more than fifty people, standing in the L-shaped balcony of the auditorium building, clapping and hooting on my arrival, all dressed in blue shades with a smile filled with sweet honey and joy. It was like a blue rainbow falling on me and there was a feeling of being special which I never felt in my life before. I looked up and smiled to respect their respect for me and my heart filled with jest and I wish if I could pause that moment and enjoy it to the fullest. My other friends which came after me got the same treatment of pure love. It was the last day of the school, the farewell. Those people in the balcony were juniors. Dearest teachers treated us with a teeka1 and a chocolate and escorted to the celebration ground where I met my other school friends whom I met with a warm and tight hug.

Gentlemen were dressed in formal suits and ladies were dressed in sarees2. We all started clicking pictures with teachers, batch mates and even juniors. The picture session was unstoppable. Everyone was trying to capture each and every moment. No one wanted to miss a picture with anyone. Everyone wished if they could take along the person himself/herself with them along with the picture. The pain of separation was bearable but not avoidable. Hearts were heavy, eyes were wet. Through all the fun, mischiefs and gravitational situations, when did this school period end, no one could imagine. Everyone have always heard the school bell after the end of each class but this was the school bell for the ending of schooling.

All this was given a break when all of us were taken to the auditorium where the lovely juniors organised a small farewell show for all of us. It had music, dance, play. We were saturated with mixtures of feelings and didn’t want to leave. But the day had to end. All the memories of school, all of those fifteen years, flashed in front of my eyes at that moment.

School Life is unforgettable. Makes us laugh and cry at the same time and this is what we all were doing before leaving. No one wanted to cry.

Water drops on the concrete ground were visible.

Each one of us has some or the other period of life which leaves an impact on both our brain and heart and whenever you think about that period all you can feel is helplessness, desire to move back in time and an unsatisfactory smile because you think that you could have squeezed more out of that time. You may not be satisfied today, but these small set of memories will be your magic potion to support in tough and demanding time of your life in future.

1.Red color mark made on forehead, symbol of prosperity and good luck.

  1. An Indian traditional dress.