Bohemian Intisaar – A small thought

Respect everyone’s uniqueness and experience a magical life with victory.


“there is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Each man has his own special drink which he orders at the counter; or simply we can say that every person has his or her own style of living, has his or her own pair of sunglasses. Even when one tries to change or adjust or try to try some other drink,  cent percent success is not possible. We tend to show that we are very honest, loyal or cooperative with our partner, this partner can be a business partner, life partner or even a temporary school project partner, John is at the end of the day John.  Then the question arises in my mind that why can’t we accept someone as he or she is ? why can’t we respect each other’s uniqueness, each other’s identity and each other’s reality and achieve intisaar(1)?

Just imagine once we are totally fine with everything. Serious about everything with a glimpse of calmness. Zest will be on our mind and motivation will be running in our blood. If we give time, patience and respect to the uniqueness of the other person and we try to understand his or her style sacrificing some time then life can be beautiful AF.

I work as an artist, a PR manager, a student, a head and a teacher. At the age of 21 I have had numerous experiences where I had to deal with people who had a completely different and unique ways of working. They were bohemian in their own world and were at the position where they could comfortably expect that the person at the visitor’s side of the desk would the one who will adjust. The only thing I learned was that we need to accept the other person’s reality and be happy about it. If we stay rigid and inflexible then it will be very difficult to survive in this world. No one is wrong, its just that your righteousness can be a little less right sometimes.

Life is beautiful. Give it a chance, a unique chance. RESPECT. LOVE. FORGIVE.



(1) Victory

What people desire?…

The world is little, people are little. There is only one big thing, desire.

Desire is one aspect of human life which can neither be altered nor be reduced. Desire keeps a person motivated, it always enlighten the path and keeps all the hope at the end of the tunnel.

Every person has the different type of desires, a poor child has a desire to study and a rich boy has a never quenching desire of everything. A college student has a desire of getting good grades and a working person has a desire to feed his family and take good care of his family. But people always demand things, they never tend to change in order to achieve their desire. “your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same”.

Few days ago, I met a small child, it was Saturday evening and he just finished up collecting money in a small container which was filled with oil and had a small sculpture of lord Shani. We all were standing near a Chinese food van and he came near to the counter and asked for some noodles. He did not ask it for free, he wanted it against a ten-rupee note. He was wearing broken slippers and clothes which did not cover him completely. It was a cold evening. While he was requesting for some noodles, we asked him that what does he do otherwise to which he responded very actively as if there was never tired. He said “I go to school and since holidays were going on so he was working to help his family”. It was a delight to hear that he is getting education but then we asked him the golden question, “what was his Desire?”; we thought that his desire would be something extraordinary which would be logically out of his reach according to his current situation. But his answer made us all speechless for a moment. He said that right now he wanted to go to home, give money he collected to his mother and eat food with the family and specially his little sister, he also wanted his school to start soon as he missed them very much. His answer was very realistic and his innocence reflected his great nature and acceptance of life. When we asked that boy what he wanted to become when he grows up…he replied “I like cricket and he wants to be a cricketer”. We all accepted his answer with a sadness but we all were proud that we still have such enthusiastic and sporty children who irrespective of any odd situation, poverty and lack of facilities live life fully and doesn’t complain much! The little boy taught us how to stay absorbed in the roots and realistic world and still dream and desire till the sky’s limit. We realized that positivity is the key to fulfill desires. After some time, the person making the noodles gave him some noodles in a small packet without taking his ten-rupee note. The boy left.

We must keep on thinking and desiring about high possibilities and dreams.


“The Desire of a bird is equal to desire of man’s….to fly as high as we can”.